Monday, April 17, 2006

Librarian Encounter (An Erotic Story)

Librarian Encounter
(Part 1)
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

The breaking of dawn was a welcome event, as Dexter had been tossing and turning most of the night. What could possibly be the matter with Trudy, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. His emotions had been so erratic since their all too brief encounter in the fourth floor library room. The sweet memories of their magical moment would not be denied, as time and time again it intrudes on his worries at her behaviour. Her sexy lively eyes haunted his heart, and her luscious lips moved as though whispering an explanation in his troubled dream, yet whatever words she meant to speak were lost in the gale force wind of his confused bitter-sweet recollection of the events of the last week.

He glanced at his bedside radio clock, Mnh! 6 O’clock, it had only been 8 hours, but it felt like ages. As he got ready for his morning run, he quietly resolves to seek her out and at least get an answer. Even if it is the last thing he did, he just had to have some closure.

He went in to the library a little earlier than usual, having been unable to stand the suspense any longer. He was hoping to catch her early, moreover being a Saturday; the library would be scantily populated, so he reasoned they should be able to talk some.

As he neared the entrance, his stomach muscles again tightened up, and his nerves began to act up. His legs began to question the wisdom of going where he was headed, but he kept on walking. As he got closer to her desk, he felt it. Something just wasn’t right, but what?

It suddenly dawned on him when he began to call out her name to get her attention.

Trudy…. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not Trudy….

From behind Trudy’s desk, a woman in her early thirties, with a light brown complexion looked up at him. Upon noticing his look of confusion and near panic, she flashed him a reassuring smile, revealing a nice even set of bright white teeth. Her smile touching her lively brown eyes; I know, she said with a little friendly laughter in her voice.

I’m Alicia; Trudy is off for the next couple of days, so I’m holding forth for her. How may I be of assistance Mr…?

Please, Dexter……. Over the next few minutes, he made up some story about some reading materials he needed help finding. All the while wondering if he should perhaps ask the nice woman if she had Trudy’s phone number, but then realising that in the post 911 world such a question would be suspect (after all, technically he is still a stranger, even to Trudy), he decided against it.

Alicia was quite helpful with the search for the reading materials which he really didn’t need, and as he retired into a corner seat, his thoughts promptly returned to the events of the previous day, and his all too brief erotic encounter with Trudy in the fourth floor room, wondering if he perhaps did, or said anything to spook her. No it had to be more than that…. But what, for greater perspective, his analytical mind returned to the very beginning, to their first meeting, and the events leading up to their last encounter……

Dexter is an optimist who always looks to turn every misfortune into an opportunity. Consequently, after losing his job as a junior executive with a medium sized corporation he decided to relocate to another city, and enrol for a graduate program in the local university.

Although he had decided not to dwell on it, the truth of his present employment situation, (or more precisely, lack of it) is that deep down in his heart Dexter views his inclusion on the redundancy list as grossly unfair. Although the anger he feels is hidden well below the surface, he recognizes the need to find a physical outlet for it. This he does by running, and working out in the gym everyday, and by indulging his voracious appetite for reading. It is therefore no surprise that he spends a great deal of time every afternoon at the library.

After searching unsuccessfully for some historical material for a research paper he was doing in the general reference section of the library late one summer afternoon, Dexter approached the duty librarian for assistance.

Ugh ghm!! He coughs to attract her attention; excuse me please ma’am….

The librarian looks up from the notes she had been scribbling on a legal pad beside her computer keyboard; yes please, how may I help you sir?

She appears to be in her early 40's, with auburn hair, and very warm blue eyes….

Well sir? Her words interrupted his reverie; he was clearly, captivated by her eyes…

Oh, I’m sorry; I need your assistance in locating some reference material on...

He spent the next few minutes explaining his needs to her and when he was done, she consulted her computer and rose to her feet, asking him to follow her.

She is a pretty, petite woman, he notes. About 5'2" tall, and plus sized. His eyes involuntarily drawn to her round pert ass, which swayed lasciviously as she walked on ahead of him.

She was explaining to him that the materials he sought were stored in the climate-controlled section on the fourth floor of the library. They stepped into the elevator and she pressed the button for the fourth floor. Dexter was standing a pace behind her and at 5’10’’; his height advantage allows him a good view over her shoulder. His naughty mind put her breasts at 34D's; firm and promising too, from the look of her cleavage, he thought, but those eyes take the prize any day. There is simply something deeply moving about them.
Ping! The bell alerted him to their destination.

Over the next week, he found out her name was Trudy, 44 year old and divorced for the past 4 years from her husband of 10 years. Incidentally, he also found out that she loved Harold Robbins novels and erotic poetry, just like he did.

Their relationship though formal, had taken a little flirtatious turn, with most of the flirting done with the eyes, smiles and body language.

Although they both tried very hard to appear casual about everything, the truth was that Dexter’s composure was always on the edge of total collapse when he was with Trudy.

Damn! He wished she wouldn’t be so formal. He often wondered if her little flirtations were meant to be a signal to him that she was open to possibilities or just a way of being, sweet and nice. Her eyes always seemed so alive and very passionate. Her luscious lips often left him breathless with the burning desire to kiss them. Her mere presence fans the embers of his lust.

Being unable to take any more, he decided on his next move. It’s a gamble, if he failed; well… he shrugged mentally as the contemplation of failure was too grim to entertain.

It was Friday night, and as usual, the population at the library was at its lowest, as most people were out on the town doing fun things. Dexter was sitting there pretending to be engrossed in his reading, but he was actually stealing looks at the clock.
His heart began to pound as the hands of the clock approached 9 O’clock, his stomach was doing somersaults, but all that really had nothing to do with the clock, it was just a case of nerves, as he set out to execute his next move.

He approached her desk, and began; Trudy, could I please check up on some facts in the fourth floor room? She raised her head and looked intensely into his eyes, as though trying to discern his true motives, and then she gave him her trademark sexy smile. His throat became bone dry, and he tried hard to swallow. His prominent Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as his eyes zeroed in on her luscious lips. His stomach muscles tightened again.

As she rose to her feet, he observed that she had on a body-hugging blouse with an open V-neck. The lower end of the V showed off her awesome cleavage. Her nipples seemed to be protruding through the fabric of her top (or was that just a figment of his horny imagination?)
The story continues.....
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Pound Of Flesh (An Erotic Poem)

Pound Of Flesh
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

My first love
My only ever love
Plucking my ripe virgin fruit
Savouring my juicy cherry
Totally true as we made love and merry
Giving my soul to you, as my release shakes me to my root
Hanging on your every spoken word
Your love meant the world
We shared our laughs and cries
Undying love and devotion until the ocean dries

Then out of the blue
I saw an alien side of you
Oh, how I curse that dark day in June
When you did our beautiful thing ruin

I’d been gone only a week
And you're making freebies of ‘my’ dick
Unknowing that the winds of fate
Shall return me sooner rather than late
And damn you man-whore
You had my life, what woman could give more
Certainly not the slut I caught you with
Man-thieving bitch, gagging on ‘my’ black meat

Stunned, in paralysis of word and thought
My throat choking, feelings mortally hurt
The bitch was moaning loud, as you rammed your shaft into her core
Like a whore, she’s calling you daddy, begging for more

Dejected tears running down my cheeks, yet y’all saw me not
The fire of your lust was so hot
Consuming all your senses
Then suddenly the air tenses
And as y’all screamed in the throes of orgasm
Through my tears, I saw your desperate spasms
Then only, did my gagged frustrations vent
My wounded animal cries would not relent

Then only, you turned to behold my agony
I’m thinking, kill the bitch, shoot the Mofo, or call my attorney
Her terror sinks in and she scampers
Her clothes in hand, trash, the stuff of dumpsters

You stood there with your shameless flaccid dick
Damn! You got caught; it must've been going on more than just a week
Mouth opening and closing, yet your words fail
As the scales fall from my eyes, I began to wail
For my tortured soul
For the broken vows, and our shattered whole

The tears of regret make a course down your cheeks
Yet how can I feel sorry for dirt
You’re only gonna lie, and play more tricks
You have no idea what my love is worth

Sobbing your remorse, as I wipe my tears
You sink to your knees at my feet
First, I’ll wait ‘till my anger wears
Then the dish of revenge I shall eat
My solemn vow, to hit you back where it hurts
I’ll make you suffer in all your thoughts

I’ll give you a chance to start afresh
First, I shall exact my pound of flesh

I loved you with all my heart
Yet in my home, you fucked that tart
Too many lies and broken dreams
Enough of living my life at your whims
Now I must do for me, what my freak desires
And you shall watch, as I quench my lust-kindled fires

Two men and a woman, is all that I ask
And you my darling, shall only watch these do their task
Two thick throbbing poles in deep, front and back
A feminine soft tongue, licking my clit, rubbing my rack

Sit there and watch my foursome pleasure
As these strangers, take what you did not treasure
Endure our moans, groans, and our love cries
Be cursed with the images as our shared lusty passions rise
Riding a couple of dicks and eating another’s cunt
This is me taking and giving all the fucking that I want
As I soar to cloud nine
Hear the symphony of our sex, theirs and mine
Thrusting hips, arching backs,
Throbbing dicks, tightening twats
As I shout Oh, fuck! Cum inside me puleaaase!!!!
Then at least, the thunderous release

Now here’s your chance to start afresh
I have had my pound of flesh

Dream Eternal (An Erotic Poem)

Dream Eternal
Copyright Don Abdul ©2005

Shh!! Say not a word
Leave outside, worries of the world
Sit back and relax
Let me spoil you to the max

Candle light
Soft music, what a delight
Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream
Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream

Close your eyes
Let your imagination soar
Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower

Part your lips, taste this chocolate
Its sweetness, in your mouth I shall taste
Delicious, not the chocolate, you!

Let this go on for eternity
Romantic reference for posterity
This passionate embrace, this kiss
As we soar to a place where no eagles dare
Oooh! Here we are
Clothed in chocolate, strawberries, and cream
Right here, right now
Our reality, our dream

Tense yet relaxed
Bated breath, passion maxed
Smelling your hair
Nibbling your ear
Voices husky with promises and requests
Licking whipped cream off voluptuous breasts
One first, then the other
On and on, all over

Lie back my love
Upon fragrant rose petals, let our sweet release evolve

Sexy lips, hungry mouth
Vice versa, north to south
Take it; suck it, my cream-dipped chocolate stick
Your juicy, strawberry wetness, I gently lick

Oh! This is Eden
Moan…..cries…, ‘tween us there is noth hidden
Sweet….sweet torture
Deep sensual pleasure

Would I this goes on for eternity
Alas, we are temporal, cursed with brevity
Oh sweetness, time is now……ugh!
Let the man in me take the woman in you

Thick, proud chocolate hardness
Plunging….ever slowly….deeply into this haven
So soft, hot, dripping wet place of sweetness
Shivers, flutters, quivers, explosion of colors
Deep intense….animal passion

Explosive release…..dissipation
Seeds of life, elixir of love
One from under, the other above
Collapsing in a heap of love

Cold hands of reality intrude
No bother…..this dream is made eternal

Thursday, March 16, 2006

VEX ANOTHER DAY (An Erotic Poem)

Copyright Don Abdul©2005

I know you
Who you are, what you’re doing to me, yes it’s true
I keep on hoping that whatever you liked in me would linger
Surviving to fair better in the near future too
Thus, even when I’m mad at what u do, I keep my cool
You got me wrapped around your little finger
And I play the fool

Always flirting, even fucking others behind my back
I give you the world, so you’d never lack

Whenever I make up my mind
In wanting our relationship redefined
You show up in your body hugging dress
No bra, no panties, just sweet nakedness

You sure know how to push my button
With your sex you spoil me rotten

Up and over your head
Big firm breasts, shoved in my mouth
Silencing all I should have said
Your soft warm hands, reaching me, south
Undoing my buttons, letting me free
Only for a moment, as you commence the sucking of me
Teasing me, licking me, growing me in size and might
Oooh baby you’re doing me right

Just then, you say; yes baby what did you wanna say?
Hell baby gimme that wet pussy, lets talk another day
Climbing over and sitting on my Christmas tree
Tight hot cunt stroking my hardness...a 1 a 2 a 3
Bending forward, sucking on my nipples
Ahh, my anger, my frustration are now but cripples

Ass, breasts, all bouncing up and down
The world outside our moans drown
With cum your pussy quivers, massaging my dick
Fuelling my release, how strange, this tongue that I speak
As I drench your hot vagina, with fluid of my own
Cum, yours and mine, dripping down my fleshy bone
I’ll revel in this sweetness today
And vex another day

Fulfil My Need (An Erotic Poem)

Fulfil My Need
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

I will nurture you to fullness of strength
My loving tenderness would not relent

Bath you shaft in the wetness of my tongue
Feel you grow thick and oh! Long

As your one eye shed the tear of joy that’s your precum
I will baptize your head in my spittle, slippery and warm

Lick and rub your soft tight balls
The more I give you, the louder your love cries, you mating calls

Soon my labour of love shall you reward
Your manhood grows thicker, bigger, soon shall follow the great flood

Hip thrust, balls tight, dispensing great spurts love seed
Oh lover, fill my hungry mouth, fulfil my need

Please do not stop
Least until I milk your manhood of the very last drop

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Seven Whole Days (An Erotic Poem)

Seven Whole Days
Copyrights Don Abdul ©2006

There is something wrong with my eyes
I cannot take them off you
It didn’t take me a moment to realise
How my soul yearns for you
From your little actions to the complex
The beauty of your soul reflects
The twinkle in your eyes
Soft feminine strength in disguise

If I had a week to live and dream with you
To act out my passion so deep so true

I would spend 2 days licking you nipples
Caressing and suckling your tits
Feeling your body succumb to ripples after ripples

2 days to pet your wetness, spreading those lips
Sucking on your clit and tonguing your vulva
Until its spews like a Geyser
Bathing my face in your essence

2 days tossing your salad
Loosening the behind of you
Tongue, finger, and then a little toy
Calming, your fears, as one still so new
Gently slipping my throbbing veined member
One little inch after another
Resting, feeling the snug fit, as lust overtakes anxiety
Loving every thrust as you throw it right back, seeking yet another

One last day to tie it all up
Make love to all your five senses, all at once
Loving you softly, fucking you hard, filling your cup
Enjoying your moans, then contracting your passionate screams
Making our week evergreen, the stuff of dreams
Every second of every minute of every hour of everyday
A real Wow! Fun, fun, fun all the way

Foot For Thought (An Erotic Poem)

Foot For Thought
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

Can you rub my feet you ask?
How strange for a beauty to seek that task
You take my feet and begin to rub and tease them
Adjusting my dress, I lift the hem
Closing my eyes, I feel you continue
Mmm, I feel the gathering of my honeydew

What pretty, delicate feet
Just tenderly loving them make me complete
As I rub and massage every pressure point, ohhhh
Fair exchange of sighs, soft moans, tease, your sweet lips forms an O
This foot massage is for us both such a treat
As I love your soft, smooth foot, our eyes meet
You hold my gaze, and part your silken thighs
Just then, the essence of your sex whips me into a high of highs
Oh please don’t stop you moan, I love your flow
Lifting your foot to my lips, I swirl my hot tongue over your manicured toe

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Seduction (An Erotic Poem)

Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

From our moment of small talk
Watching her every movement
Losing sight of the clock
My heart in turmoil, I mask my excitement
Oh goodness, this girl is beautiful, funny, and smart
I’m trembling at the breath taking sight
Of her big titties and an phat succulent ass
Oh, give me a room, candles, red wine and smooth jazz

Dayum! These lustful thoughts, making me wet
Pounding my heart, soaking my brow in sweat
I’m lost in the rhythm of her sexy voice
I see now that I have no choice
Of my ache, my desire I must be blunt
I might get lucky, or worse get burnt
Yet try I must to make her mine
Scary but worthwhile, what a gold mine

I whisper in her ear
Laying my hot breath with great care
My body is tingling
My nipples are hardening
My pussy is dripping, with anticipation
Then I’m awash with feelings of emancipation
As her tense lips break into a sweet sexy smile
Mmm! Those hard nipples poking through her tank top
The door is a few feet away, yet it feels like a mile

Door shut
Damn, in a flash we’re groping, oh so hot
Ripping at each others clothing
Grabbing her thong, tugging at it with my teeth
Savoring the sweet smell of her pussy, that special something
Kissing my way down to her sexy feet

Touching her beautiful skin
Kissing those luscious lips, I win
Smothering her neck with soft sweet kisses
Licking, biting, moving down to her pierced erect nipples
Chasing the butterflies down to her navel
As the mystery of her lust, begins to unravel

Tasting the slippery, peachy saltiness of her juice
Tongue bathing her clit, in the wetness that I induce
Oh delicious pussy if ever I ate one
Slow, and easy, as long as it takes ‘till I am done
Licking away in between her thick silken thighs
She is quivering, gyrating, how I love her moans and sighs

Fingering her cunt, flicking her swollen clit
A potent explosion in her stomachs pit
She yells, Oh God I’m Cumming!!!
Her whole being trembling
A final thrust of her hips
And she sheds her wet, sticky juices on my lips

Friday, January 27, 2006

In The Broom Closet (An Erotic Story)

In The Broom Closet
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

Jay has been sitting by the window, looking down into the street below since he got home from work an hour ago. Damn! He’s hungry but too excited to eat; he’s worn out but too damn excited to sleep. What the hell just happened, he asks himself for the hundredth time. Hell, did it really happen or did his fertile imagination make it all up.
Well it surely did happen. Hell I even remember her exact words; “…….this is just the beginning, you’ll see…..”

And boy! Would I love to see….Oh yes I sure would too.

Unconsciously, he shouts out; Dayum! As his mind goes over the events of that morning……….

Jay has only been working as a janitor in the apartment building for a couple of months, but he knows every person in the building by their names.

They are all good people, but Keisha is a different kettle of fish. She’s been known to undergo sudden mood swings, like a car making 0 to 80 mph in just under 5 seconds. “A real bitch, with an attitude, and a razor sharp tongue to match” was how the old janitor described her to Jay on his last day on the job. So as a pre-caution, Jay has tried to keep out of her way for the most part.

In the last couple of week however, Keisha has been giving Jay the raunchy come on. Furthermore, no day goes by without her seeking him out, and teasing his black ass senseless with her freaky clothes that are designed to flaunt her considerable natural resources.

On this day, she returns in the middle of the lunch hour. And after riding the elevator up to her floor, she returns to the little janitors office, and gives the story that in her hurry to get home she forgot the key to her apartment back at the office. She is so angry at herself for the stupidity.

Jay offers her a seat so she could chill out for a bit and regain her composure. As she moves towards the chair, her purse drops to the floor, and as she bend down to retrieve it, her chocolate 38cs almost pop out of her low cut bra. Jay’s eyes bulge out as though they are going to pop out of his head; the whole thing seems to be happening in slow motion. As she retrieves her purse, she stops still bent over, and then she looks up at jay, and gives him a mischievous smile, and a tiny almost inconspicuous wink. The same kind of wink her has seen before but is never quite sure if she actually winked or if his horny mind is making it up.

She stands up and settles down into the chair. As she seats down, her black leather mini skirt rides higher up her thighs, and from where jay is sitting, he could see the beauty of her shapely legs, her smooth things encased in brown nylon hose, and higher still in the shadow cast by her skirt, he is almost certain he sees through the opening of her crotchless panties.

As he takes these all in, he feels his cock growing harder by the second; soon it is throbbing with every breath he takes. Then he hears her voice from so far away….
I’m sorry, what was that again, Miss Vandross?
Dayum! You sure was so far gone to cocoo-land brotha….. She laughs softly, with a mischievous glint in her sexy eyes.
I thought I heard some commotion out in the hall.
Instinctively, he rises to go and investigate. His mind is telling him to get as far away from this freaky tease of a woman before he gets into some real trouble.
As he stands up and away from the desk, the tent in his pants, betray his massive erection, he felt rather than saw her hungry, teasing, look, as she admires the present architecture of his crotch. Dayum Jay! Some hard ware you got right there brotha…… she laughs and winks at him.
If only a brotha could blush, he’d be beet-red right now.
Embarrassed beyond words, he leaves the room without a single word.

When he returns a few minutes later, his dick is now semi hard. Its outlines still visible as a gentle bulge. When he looks towards her he notices that a couple of buttons are now undone at the top of her blouse than before. He remains standing, as though to hint her that the visit is way past over. She pays him no heed. Instead she begins to freshen up her make up. Applying a sexy red lip rouge knall. Then she points at the door to his left; that a bathroom? I need to rearrange my underwear a lill bit.
No ma’am it’s the broom closet.
Well, I guess it would have to do then.

As she uncrosses her sexy legs Jay’s breathe catches in his dry throat. He is certain what sees in the flash of her movement is her wet swollen pussy lips. Adding to his excitement is the fact that her pussy is as bald s an eagle. His erection not only returned but it does so with a vengeance. As she walks up to him, as though to pass by him, she stops. The sexy fragrance of her perfume arousing him even more. She drops her hands and feels his crotch, and then she grabs hold of the tent in his pant. Dayum brotha! Now it’s gonna be mighty unfortunate if y’all go busting a nut just from the sight of a woman, you know. Now I think I know just the thing to be done to fix you huge hardware problem. She opens the door and leads him by the cock into the broom closet. It turns out to be an 8x8 inch room.

She locks the door from the inside, and then removes pants and pulls out his dick through the front of his boxers. Then she sat on the bench; she startes off by licking his head cleaning it of precum first before she starts working the whole thick shaft into her hungry mouth. Soon she is jacking, sucking his dick all at the same damn time. Oh fuck yeah! Jay whispers under his breath as he feels her tongue rotating around his throbbing manhood. Then she did the abominable, suddenly she stopped.

What the fuck, jay is about to blurt out….
Mmm, patience lover boy, she teases him…
Turn around will you…

Having no idea what she has in mind, he obeys without complaints, the mystery of her teasing ways exciting him already.
He faces the wall with his arms extended so he’s leaning forward. Keisha reaches between my thighs and pulls his dick backwards and starts sucking it again. He feels uncomfortable in that awkward position initially, but as she works her oral magic all over his pulsing black meat, he soon forgets about the discomfort.

She sucks on his dick harder and licking up the underside of his shaft. Whilst sucking she is sucking her finger steadily, making it wet in preparation for her master stroke.

Jay feels the heat of her probing tongue licking around his asshole, and soon she is pushing deeper into his tight anus, sending shivers through him. She stops stroking his shaft, and return the head of his dick into her mouth. As he is moaning to the slushy, sound of her mouth sucking away furiously he feels her soft wet finger invade his asshole, as she fingers his ass in and out.

His tortured mind can only take so much, yet she pushes him even harder as she works her finger over his prostate. His body begins to shudder and she realizes its time. She takes him deeper into her mouth, scooting closer and higher under his balls, as his powerful thighs clamp her head in place while his prick shoots spurt after hot spurt of roaring cum down her throat. Even as he is spurting, she is sucking more and more, even suctioning the last few drops straight from his balls. Finally he relaxes and sighs heavily, and his half hard dick, still in my mouth, slides out of her mouth with a loud pop, and pointing straight at the floor.

They clean up, and rearrange themselves and as he is about to open the door for her, she pulls him close, her ample tits pushing against his chest, and she kisses him deeply. Just before they disengage, she whispers softly in his ears; I love your beautiful black meat brotha, this is just the beginning, you’ll see…..

The end

Friday, December 16, 2005

Oral Release (An Erotic Poem)

Oral Release
Don ©2005

Brushing past each other
On several occasions
Catching the whiff of your CK Obsession
Reaching beyond my nose to stir my passion
With your signature backward glance
I know the feeling is mutual
How long shall we maintain this dance?
Is this deceit meant to be perpetual?
I just wonder
My anticipation ripping my heart asunder

At last here we are
Away from the prying eyes of the world
Stealing the moment as best we dare
Our craving for each other begins to unfold
Reveling in the beauty of our nudity
Your wet softness, my turgidity

Your nipples harden upon my touch
Goose bumps gracing my caress
In between your silken thighs, I watch
As your delicate fingers flick and tease in your wetness
The fragrance of you intoxicating the man in me

I kneel before your temple of pleasure
And I’m lost to the moment
Licking the wetness from your fine fingers
Letting my lower lips rub over your swollen ones
Your back arches as the liquid fire in my tongue
Burns deep through the wetness into your sexual soul
Teasing them, spreading them, sucking on them
Your moans testimonial to the pleasure you receive
Reaching deeper into soft juicy pinkness
Working my tongue in and out deep and fast
I explore for nectar, your juice of life

Ass bucking….thrusting forward smearing my face
I feel the warmth, the fragrance, the delicious creamy mess
Painting the art of our collective passion
Upon the canvass of my face
As I take your erect pink clit in my mouth
And through it sucking away the sexual frustration
The lost time, the unfulfilled desires of years upon years

Suddenly, my head is gripped in a vice
My eyes, my ears, mouth and nose all trapped
Prisoners of passion in your sex triangle
Yet the force of your soul rending orgasmic scream
Ripples through out your body…
Resonating through mine, fuelling my own release

One moment later, we lay spent in each others arms
United in our defeat of sexual deprivation
In our mutual fulfillment, our sexual bliss