Monday, April 17, 2006

Librarian Encounter (An Erotic Story)

Librarian Encounter
(Part 1)
Copyright Don Abdul ©2006

The breaking of dawn was a welcome event, as Dexter had been tossing and turning most of the night. What could possibly be the matter with Trudy, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. His emotions had been so erratic since their all too brief encounter in the fourth floor library room. The sweet memories of their magical moment would not be denied, as time and time again it intrudes on his worries at her behaviour. Her sexy lively eyes haunted his heart, and her luscious lips moved as though whispering an explanation in his troubled dream, yet whatever words she meant to speak were lost in the gale force wind of his confused bitter-sweet recollection of the events of the last week.

He glanced at his bedside radio clock, Mnh! 6 O’clock, it had only been 8 hours, but it felt like ages. As he got ready for his morning run, he quietly resolves to seek her out and at least get an answer. Even if it is the last thing he did, he just had to have some closure.

He went in to the library a little earlier than usual, having been unable to stand the suspense any longer. He was hoping to catch her early, moreover being a Saturday; the library would be scantily populated, so he reasoned they should be able to talk some.

As he neared the entrance, his stomach muscles again tightened up, and his nerves began to act up. His legs began to question the wisdom of going where he was headed, but he kept on walking. As he got closer to her desk, he felt it. Something just wasn’t right, but what?

It suddenly dawned on him when he began to call out her name to get her attention.

Trudy…. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not Trudy….

From behind Trudy’s desk, a woman in her early thirties, with a light brown complexion looked up at him. Upon noticing his look of confusion and near panic, she flashed him a reassuring smile, revealing a nice even set of bright white teeth. Her smile touching her lively brown eyes; I know, she said with a little friendly laughter in her voice.

I’m Alicia; Trudy is off for the next couple of days, so I’m holding forth for her. How may I be of assistance Mr…?

Please, Dexter……. Over the next few minutes, he made up some story about some reading materials he needed help finding. All the while wondering if he should perhaps ask the nice woman if she had Trudy’s phone number, but then realising that in the post 911 world such a question would be suspect (after all, technically he is still a stranger, even to Trudy), he decided against it.

Alicia was quite helpful with the search for the reading materials which he really didn’t need, and as he retired into a corner seat, his thoughts promptly returned to the events of the previous day, and his all too brief erotic encounter with Trudy in the fourth floor room, wondering if he perhaps did, or said anything to spook her. No it had to be more than that…. But what, for greater perspective, his analytical mind returned to the very beginning, to their first meeting, and the events leading up to their last encounter……

Dexter is an optimist who always looks to turn every misfortune into an opportunity. Consequently, after losing his job as a junior executive with a medium sized corporation he decided to relocate to another city, and enrol for a graduate program in the local university.

Although he had decided not to dwell on it, the truth of his present employment situation, (or more precisely, lack of it) is that deep down in his heart Dexter views his inclusion on the redundancy list as grossly unfair. Although the anger he feels is hidden well below the surface, he recognizes the need to find a physical outlet for it. This he does by running, and working out in the gym everyday, and by indulging his voracious appetite for reading. It is therefore no surprise that he spends a great deal of time every afternoon at the library.

After searching unsuccessfully for some historical material for a research paper he was doing in the general reference section of the library late one summer afternoon, Dexter approached the duty librarian for assistance.

Ugh ghm!! He coughs to attract her attention; excuse me please ma’am….

The librarian looks up from the notes she had been scribbling on a legal pad beside her computer keyboard; yes please, how may I help you sir?

She appears to be in her early 40's, with auburn hair, and very warm blue eyes….

Well sir? Her words interrupted his reverie; he was clearly, captivated by her eyes…

Oh, I’m sorry; I need your assistance in locating some reference material on...

He spent the next few minutes explaining his needs to her and when he was done, she consulted her computer and rose to her feet, asking him to follow her.

She is a pretty, petite woman, he notes. About 5'2" tall, and plus sized. His eyes involuntarily drawn to her round pert ass, which swayed lasciviously as she walked on ahead of him.

She was explaining to him that the materials he sought were stored in the climate-controlled section on the fourth floor of the library. They stepped into the elevator and she pressed the button for the fourth floor. Dexter was standing a pace behind her and at 5’10’’; his height advantage allows him a good view over her shoulder. His naughty mind put her breasts at 34D's; firm and promising too, from the look of her cleavage, he thought, but those eyes take the prize any day. There is simply something deeply moving about them.
Ping! The bell alerted him to their destination.

Over the next week, he found out her name was Trudy, 44 year old and divorced for the past 4 years from her husband of 10 years. Incidentally, he also found out that she loved Harold Robbins novels and erotic poetry, just like he did.

Their relationship though formal, had taken a little flirtatious turn, with most of the flirting done with the eyes, smiles and body language.

Although they both tried very hard to appear casual about everything, the truth was that Dexter’s composure was always on the edge of total collapse when he was with Trudy.

Damn! He wished she wouldn’t be so formal. He often wondered if her little flirtations were meant to be a signal to him that she was open to possibilities or just a way of being, sweet and nice. Her eyes always seemed so alive and very passionate. Her luscious lips often left him breathless with the burning desire to kiss them. Her mere presence fans the embers of his lust.

Being unable to take any more, he decided on his next move. It’s a gamble, if he failed; well… he shrugged mentally as the contemplation of failure was too grim to entertain.

It was Friday night, and as usual, the population at the library was at its lowest, as most people were out on the town doing fun things. Dexter was sitting there pretending to be engrossed in his reading, but he was actually stealing looks at the clock.
His heart began to pound as the hands of the clock approached 9 O’clock, his stomach was doing somersaults, but all that really had nothing to do with the clock, it was just a case of nerves, as he set out to execute his next move.

He approached her desk, and began; Trudy, could I please check up on some facts in the fourth floor room? She raised her head and looked intensely into his eyes, as though trying to discern his true motives, and then she gave him her trademark sexy smile. His throat became bone dry, and he tried hard to swallow. His prominent Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as his eyes zeroed in on her luscious lips. His stomach muscles tightened again.

As she rose to her feet, he observed that she had on a body-hugging blouse with an open V-neck. The lower end of the V showed off her awesome cleavage. Her nipples seemed to be protruding through the fabric of her top (or was that just a figment of his horny imagination?)
The story continues.....
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